November 26, 2012
I wanted, I got: Leather Pants

Leather pants are the coolest.  THE coolest.  I’ve always wanted a pair.  It’s a strange thing for a child to want, but I was a strange kid.  Nothing says rock and roll rebel like leather pants.  It’s what you wear if you wanna get back stage and hook up with the drummer.  I’ve never felt cool enough to wear a leather coat without feeling like a poser, but something about slipping on leather pants….all my insecurities just seem slip out the window.  Suddenly I have this blasé attitude towards life. It’s kind of like the first time you put on a push-up bra and lipstick. 

I highly recommend leather pants for anyone and everyone.  Even if you lack a rock and roll lifestyle. I was highly misguided into thinking they only look good on tall skinny model types, not short girls with an ass and thighs like myself.  But trust me, with the right top they look good on anyone.  Looking for a holiday dress for all the upcoming parties? Why not just say the hell with the dress and rock some leather pants?  If your answer is because they cost up to $1000 (like the Jbrands I’m OBSESSED with), I have your solution.  These “vegan” leather panel leggings from Club Monaco.  They look and feel like leather and no animals were harmed to make you look like a bad ass. Plus they just have a “leather” panel at the front….the mixed materials make them feel so very current.

What I got (after searching for years for an affordable pair of “leather” pants that are wearable and don’t feel and look like plastic).  The legging material on the back is really think and comfortable….they feel luxurious. 

What I originally wanted (JBrand $950…I have wanted for over a year but lets be serious spending that much money on a pair of pants is insane…but I’ve had weak moments when I think well…I mean maybe I would….I’d like to think even if I could I wouldn’t)

Oh yes, I do love these pants…..

Outfit: Pants: Club Monaco $112 (Reg $140 -used 20% student discount).  Sweater: Artizia (old).  Scarf: Club Monaco (old).  Booties: Walmart $20.  Purse: Rebecca Minkoff $130 (Sells for $230 in Halifax - used first time customer discount for Revolve see here). Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

Photos: Adam Banagy

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November 19, 2012
Nautical Themed Pashmina Afghan

Hey there you saucy fashion lovers.  Halifax is by the sea so I like to dress with a nautical theme whenever possible.  Anchors, stripes, eye-patches….anything a mariner would wear is cool in my books. This outfit is completely appropriate for a walk on the pier to discuss the day’s catch with some local fisherman. 

Side note: have you been noticing a lot of plaid around this city lately (or maybe even if you don’t live in Halifax, you’ve seen some plaid out and about in your location).  Plaid is nice.  I like plaid. What about mixing different plaids? I like that.  What about mixing plaids with stripes? I like that too. 

Here is the very same pic, but with my head cut off (pinterest style)…

Outfit: Jacket: Guess (old).  Top: Old Navy $10.  Jeans: JBrand $80 (reg $180 - Purchased from Foreign Affair).  Booties: Little Burgundy.  Scarf: Gap (old). 

Photos: Adam Bangay

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November 13, 2012
Art in Scarf Form

I came across this little dream of a scarf in my travels to Holt Refrew on Bay Street.  Love at first sight –now I know that it’s real.  Silky, soft, colourful. Just begging to be caressed against my neck, to keep me warm at night and to add a sense of whimsy to my most dreary outfit.  To have and to hold.  To beautify. To colourfy.  Forever.  And Ever.  But I can’t afford it and I know it.  The bills are piling up, my visa won’t even look me in the eye.  But I must have it….I must!  I’m back in Halifax now, with no access to Holts.  But wait, it’s online! Suddenly there’s a sale, then I sign up for the email list, I get free shipping!  A miracle I say! It ships, it arrives.  Hypothetical tears of joy are shed, as it is more beautiful then I remember.  And now it is mine to love forever.

 Poor Person Tip - If you’re someone like me, someone who wears scarfs almost every day, then scarfs are one of the best investments you can make.  If you decide to buy a luxurious silk or cashmere scarf in a colour or print that you love (not just because it’s trendy) you will likely have it for a long, long time.  And no matter how much you eat over the holidays….or weight you lose or gain in years to come, it will always fit you perfectly! Luxurious materials like cashmere or 100% silk feel amazing around your neck and also stand up to the test of time.

Outfit: Scarf: Diane Von Furstenberg $115 (Reg approx $200 CDN).  Leather Jacket: gift from sister.  Blouse: Zellers $6 (Reg $25).  Jeans: Bluenotes $10 (Reg $20).  Booties: Dolce Vita purchased from KAS.  Belt: vintage (ok, truth…I stole it from my Dad).  Silver Bracelets: trip purchases. 

Photos: All taken at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia by Adam Bangay

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